Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Wew.. pernah berfikir untuk meilikinya enggak..?ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 13 FINAL ( alias VErsi akhir ) bukan beta dan bukan pre-realese lagi.. mantabs sob..kalo yang hobi design grafis tentu wajiibb... ane aja mau nyoba nie.. kalo sobat mau pada nyoba.. ayooooo... sedoott.. apa sieh yang baru di ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 13 FINAL, cekidot..

Adobe Photoshop (English: Photoshop, meaning photography workshop) is a graphics processor that Adobe acquired the company and expanded to create, combine, edit, repair or alteration Pictures and Graphics used.

In addition to the usual thousands of Photoshop features and tools that have improved in this version, this version of the software image filters can be noted that the contribution of different visual effects on the images users can create. The software also features the ability to build three-dimensional images can also be mentioned.

Introducing some new software features Adobe Photoshop CS6 13.0 Final:

  • The unique ability to edit videos and video formats! Now you can edit your video frames within the environment of Adobe Photoshop CS6 will! Supported formats: MPEG, MOV, AVI, MPEG-4, FLV, 3G, FLC, and ...
  • Powerful tool, Refine Edge tool: the ability to select and cut images of items much easier compared to previous versions, at a much lower error rate cuts, higher automation
  • Easier and more efficient environment for working with the software: Use the maximum space for expanded monitoring and editing large images, along with all the tools in Photoshop.
  • Faster and better image editing and processing RAW: Full support and much faster than the current format and digital cameras by powerful new plug Alrzh CS5 as the internal version of Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in.
  • Faster and more flexible management of software projects developed by Adobe Bridge CS4!
  • Excellent support HDR or High Dynamic Range format
  • Full compatibility with Windows Xp, Vista and Windows 7!
  • Supports many popular video formats to create and edit such as PSD, BMP, Cineon, JPEG, JPEG2000, OpenEXR, PNG, Targa, and TIFF and ...
  • Very high quality photo printing software.
  • Powerful Zoom using Adobe's Flash software technology that enhances picture quality and remarkable way.
  • Good support from company PDF files Adobe.

kalo gak ngerti artinya , artikan ke google translit sob.. wkwkkwk.. sudah gak sabar.. cekidot.



ada yang versi PHOTOSHOP CS6 13.0 FINAL ( 1,16GB )

ada yang versi ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6 13.0 EXTENDED FINAL ( 1,7 GB )

saya belum tested: masih dalam tahap download sob.. koneksi lambreeeeeeettt..

tinggal pilih..saya sediakan banyak link di atas..

semoga bermanfaat guys..


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